Personal and Professional



I've been on Mother Earth for over 45 years.  Each experience has led me to where I am today.  I embrace life, laugh on a regular basis, create mixed media art, meditate, blog, travel, take pictures and hike.  I appreciate the little things and the beauty of nature.  I cherish my relationships with family and friends.  I believe in second chances, random acts of kindness, The Law of Attraction and the five second rule.  Others have described me as creative, intuitive, giving, genuine and funny.


Life & Business Coach:  Today, I am proud to be a credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). I'm a professional coach.  I believe in the power and benefits of coaching.  It is an amazing process to witness people change over the years. The answers lie within us, but some individuals find the answers faster and with greater clarity by working with a coach.  I look forward to using my experience, while working with you as your Coach and to be a part of the changes that you would like to manifest in your life.  To set up a free intro life coaching call, please contact me.


Mixed Media Artist and Facilitator: 

I've always been creative.  For years, I expressed myself through writing and blogging.  Recently creating Art has become my new normal.  Our Dining Room now looks like an art studio.  Amazon deliveries and trips to Michael's (craft store) happen on a regular basis.  I attend art workshops, take online classes, watch tons of YouTube videos and find inspiration from nature and all around.  The learning and creativity keep on coming.  In July 2017, I stepped out on some creative courage and started facilitating local Mixed Media Art Workshops.  I love it!  I encourage you to attend one, especially if you are NOT artistic.  Watching people connect within and discover their creative side is amazing.